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A New Tool for BusinessWorkflow and Promotion Re-Mastered

Event promotion for local charities was the original reason for developing the app, but the same software can be used very effectively to advertise jobs, organise workflow for an existing staffing network, or promote any kind of activity:

Businesses looking to source temporary staff, or anyone looking to promote an event can:

  • Categorise the job/event, then describe the activity in detail
  • Add images/photos/posters/video
  • Create sub-tasks within the main (useful for ticketing or workflow purposes)
  • Send the advert to an existing mailing list, and/or open it up to the general public
  • Add a location tag to provide directions
  • Make/Take payment in cryptocurrency
  • Document the activity via a validated digital record uploaded to our ledger

A job seeker, or anyone who is looking for an activity to do in their spare time can:

The Canyudo app also works in reverse, providing people with a fast and easy method of contacting businesses to request their services. Users can create tasks categorised under the profession they require and have their request automatically assigned to an app registered qualified professional. This creates efficiencies for all types of businesses as the app serves as an all in one tool for lead generation, serves as a diary and workflow planner, and facilitates the connection to their target market.

Earn Crypto / Spend CryptoSearch Out Jobs/Events in Your Area

The Canyudo app makes searching for activities easy. Users can specify a search radius when they look for jobs or events and get directions to any they may be interested in. Great for those planning a trip and looking for something to do when they get there, or for those searching out items to buy or a paying micro-job to do in their spare time.

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