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Introducing Our Free to Use Blockchain Based Classifieds Platform

The Canyudo app makes it simple for users to advertise items for sale. There is no charge for creating and posting sales tasks and you may even be able to earn some cryptocurrency for your effort. To protect both parties, buyers and sellers must register their details with us before using the service. Our handy user ratings system helps buyers to assess sellers too, allowing you to make an informed choice based on the track record of the seller and the feedback they have received before making a purchase.

Creating a sales task is easy to do, with users able to name the item and give it an item category for easier searching, describe it, add pictures and/or video to show condition, and add a location tag to provide the buyer with directions (assuming no postal option is being made available by the seller). The app processes the payment on behalf of buyers, and the blockchain record this creates serves as both proof of the transaction and a digital receipt.

No More Unsolicited Adverts - Create Your Own Item Wishlist

To prevent users from being bombarded with endless notifications of new items for sale, instead they must perform a search to generate a list of sale items. This can be one or a combination of the following search criteria:

Alternatively users can update their profile to indicate an interest in items for sale that meet specific user defined criteria (as above). In this way the app acts both as a platform for viewing multiple random items for sale, or as an alert system for an item not currently for sale that subsequently becomes available to be purchased.

Even where no payment is processed, we offer buyer protection via the facility to document purchases through smart contract execution. This creates a low cost but immutable digital transaction receipt, recording how the item was described in the original advert, the price it was sold for, what (if any) terms of sale were agreed, and detailing the parties involved.

How It Works


Register Then Upload Your Advert

Register to use the Canyudo app (free). Select ‘sales task’ then create your item advert. Upload / broadcast it to the network. Sit back and wait for buyers to contact you


Location Tags Make Finding Items Easy

The search function pinpoints your location. Buyers can now specify a search radius (mi/km) & get sat nav directions to items of interest. Or provide sellers with their delivery address


Create a Wishlist of Items You Want

Can’t find the item you are looking for? Update your user profile with the name & category of the item you wish to locate. You will be notified as soon as it is advertised


Smart Contracts for Digital Receipts

A smart contract is used to process payment & creates a permanent record of the transaction. Where no payment is made via the app, users can create a receipt for a small one-time fee

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