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The distributed social tasking application
For People. For Business. For Organising Anything
Product Launches in 2019 | Free To Use
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Buy & Sell
Advertise items for sale quickly and easily, or use our in-built location features to find items for sale in your area. Users have the option to make or take payment in cryptocurrency.
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Jobs & Events
Create and then advertise ‘gigs’ of all kinds for free. Search out events happening in your area and get directions, or look for micro-jobs and earn cryptocurrency in your spare time.
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Digital Proof of Agreement
Document an activity via a record added to our distributed ledger. Great for generating proof of payment, digital receipts, or formally recording contract terms.
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Global Payments System
Send money internationally using our low cost and ultra secure transfer method. Payment fees are set at 1.5% of the amount being sent ($2 minimum / $100 maximum).
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Contribute to Charitable Causes
Donate to a charity of your choice with each transaction processed. Canyudo pledges one third of all revenues generated via smart contract execution to charity via our pay-it-forward model.
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A Multi Purpose Distributed App

Canyudo is a free to use promotional and organisational tool allowing app users to create then advertise jobs, tasks, events, or items for sale to a network of other app users, adding media, data files, location tags, and with the option to make or take payment in cryptocurrency.

The app is designed to be used by businesses and the general public, combining a free advertising platform with a low cost and ultra secure payments system. Fees are charged only where a smart contract is executed, with each transaction processed resulting in a donation to a user nominated registered charity.

Cut Through The Noise - Control What You See
No more unsolicited messages, adverts or emails - your custom user feed displays only events you have selected, tasks assigned to you by your contacts, or items/jobs/events you indicate an interest in via an update to your user profile. Tasks placed in your user feed auto sync with your diary, and location tagging works as a satellite navigation tool.
Task Item Creation & Promotion Made Easy
Tasks can be created with ease and for a multitude of purposes. In addition to the task category and text fields, users have the option to create sub-tasks within, and add any of the following elements:
+ images/video
+ data files
+ time and date
+ location
+ cryptocurrency
Assign Tasks To A Specific App User / User Group
Once your task is created, you can assign it to any of your existing contacts individually, or to a pre-defined user group (mailing list). This feature works well for businesses looking to contact their staff network with company news or work opportunities, or for event promoters looking to advertise gigs to an existing subscriber list.
Or Broadcast To The Network For App Users To Search Out
Tasks created with no specific assignee in mind can be uploaded to the ether. This is where our in-app location features take centre stage. Users can specify a search radius when they look for jobs, events or items for sale and get directions to any they may be interested in. Great for those planning a trip and looking for something to do when they get there, or for those searching out items to buy or a paying micro-job to do in their spare time.
Add Skills to Your User Profile & Build Up Your Reputation
Update your user profile to display your skills/qualifications, add task categories that fit with your work experience, and you will be notified automatically when jobs posted to the network match your work profile. A ratings system allows users to score each other as tasks are completed and the app records metrics such as response time and reliability, which helps users to evidence skills and experience for their digital CV.
View Transaction Metrics via A Custom Summary Screen
The transaction summary screen displays balances held in both crypto and the home currency of the user. The reporting function gives access to details of payments made or received, tasks completed, changes to your user rating, and reviews garnered. Reports can only be accessed via a secure login process, putting the user in sole control of their data.

Token Mechanics

A 2-coin system has been devised for use within the app. The primary currency Canyudocoin is employed where payments are processed, or where we charge fees for the creation of digital proof of agreement / receipts. Transaction records are updated to a user data protected distributed ledger, and data is accessible only by the parties to those transactions. Canyudocoin (CYD) will be made available to be bought and sold at the crypto exchanges, and can be held in wallets outside of our application.

Our secondary currency is Kudoscoin (KYD). Kudoscoin is created via a burn process that turns Canyudocoin into a separate fully tracked and traceable coin. Transaction records are updated to a public distributed ledger, with data accessible by anybody . It will be created from the income derived via user transactions we process and user donations we receive, and will be credited to app using registered charities for use within our Pay-it-Forward model. Kudoscoin can be held within canyudo app wallets only, and will not be available for trade at the crypto exchanges.
Ledger Data:
Max Supply:
Opening Value:
Ledger Data:
Max Supply:
Opening Value:
The purpose of Kudoscoin is as an incentivisation tool for charities to employ. We will credit charities with KYD each month, and hope they will use the app to organise charitable events and the coin as a way to reward people for getting involved. The exchange rate between the two coins is permanently fixed at 1:1 to allow Kudoscoin to fluctuate in line with Canyudocoin. Those receiving Kudos (including the charities themselves) can sell the coin at the exchanges only by first converting back to CYD, which we will facilitate at no cost to the user.

Token Creation:

Charity Money Pool
20% of the value derived from token creation will be used to kick start our pay it forward model, and this value will be paid to app using registered charities over a 5 year period. This represents a $200 million charitable donation at the time of coin creation.
Cold Storage
10% of the value created will be held offline in cold storage (along with the coin value we don’t immediately need to utilise) for a 3 year period. This coin is intended to act as a safety net in terms of an asset we can utilise in the future should we have the need to.
Ecosystem Development & Promotion
17% of the value from the coin we create will be allocated to the company over a 5 year period, and used to develop working relationships with the charities and businesses we hope will use our app. It will also fund product promotion in various jurisdictions to encourage user adoption.
Private Sale
30% of the coin we create will be made available for sale to accredited investors over a 1 month period starting on February 1st 2019. There will be a 100% bonus applied to all purchases. Canyudo operates to the highest compliance standards, and the coin is available to firms registered in the United States and other regulated jurisdictions.
Founders and Developers
3% of the coin created will be paid incrementally to the project architects, designers and key developers over a 3 year period. This is intended to entice our key people into long term work contracts that will help us to make sure we deliver our product proposition.
Public Sale
20% of the value derived from the token creation process will be made available to be purchased by the general public in a sale lasting three months starting on March 1st 2019. A 30% bonus will be applied to purchases made within the first 2 weeks and a 15% bonus applied in weeks 3 & 4.

Allocation of token sales proceeds:

Product Promotion & Marketing for Launch

Charity Money Pool

Founders, Advisers & Key Stakeholders

Staffing & Operational Costs

Product Development & Testing

Token Sale:

Total Coin Supply:
Initial Coin Value:
01 February - 28 February 2019
Pre-ICO Bonus:
Currencies Accepted:
Public ICO:
01 May - 31 July 2019
Public ICO Bonus:
60% Month 1/30% Month 2/10% Month 3
Currency Accepted:
Soft Cap / Hard Cap:
$250K / $200M

Token Sale Proceeds:

The token sale will begin on February 1st 2019 with a private sale of Canyudocoin to accredited investors. This will run for one month and the public sale will then begin, on 01 May, running for a further 3 month into 31 July 2019

Half of the coin being created will be made available for sale, with 30% of the total coin created made available to accredited investors, and 20% to the general public; the other half will be kept in reserve by Canyudo and used as follows:

  • 17% to develop and promote the app ecosystem (5 year distribution)
  • 20% to kick-start the pool of charity money (5 year distribution)
  • 3% to lock in the founders and key stakeholders into employment contracts running for a minimum period of 3 years.
  • 10% to be held as a company reserve in cold storage for a 3 year period.

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Project Roadmap

Core Project Team Agreed
Q1 2016
Seedrs Round I: Private Equity Raise
Q2 2016
R&D, Product Design
Q3 2016
Wireframe. Prototype Production
Q4 2016
Development Begins, Patent Application #1
Q1 2017
Wireframe Android & iOS Releases
Q2 2017
Closed Beta Release
Q3 2017
Patent #1 Earns ‘Pending’ Status
Q4 2017
Market Strategy (HK FDW), Strategy Development
Q1 2018
App Testing & Debugging, ICO Planning
Q2 2018
Draft ICO White Paper, Seedrs Round II Planning
Q3 2018
Seedrs Round II, ICO Begins, Patent Application #2
Q4 2018
UX Review, Debugging, Blockchain Integration
Q1 2019
Blockchain Ecosystem Testing, UX Review II
Q2 2019
Ongoing Media & Marketing Campaign
Q3 2019
Promotion, Final Testing, Global Product Launch
Q4 2019

Development Team:

Steve Biddick
With over fifteen years games industry leadership experience, Steve specialises in building strong creative teams which generate lasting online communities. Steve’s most noteworthy launch - the online game Omerta - gained 30 million users worldwide and has a loyal community. Volunteer game administrators for Omerta inspired Steve to design Canyudo. He divides his time between his native Yorkshire, UK and Hong Kong.
Nigel Coyle
Nigel directs Canyudo’s day-to-day finances, strategic direction, investment appraisal, resource management, and client verifications. Nigel is also developing the internal control environment. A Chartered Accountant by trade, Nigel’s background is public and private sector finance, in both SMEs and FTSE-listed companies, offering accountancy services and business advice to a range of clients across the United Kingdom.
Ben Lockhart
Ben worked in offshore banking and investments for over 10 years, and has been employed as a private portfolio manager for the last 6. Ben joined the team in 2018 with a remit to review Canyudo’s market strategy and revenue model, and help organise our fundraising campaigns. He has led the ICO project since we made the decision to integrate blockchain technology into our product proposition, and will oversee the token sale process with Nigel later on this year.
Gerard Boor
Software Lead, Blockchain Architect
As a recognised expert in blockchain technology within his home country of Holland, Gerard heads-up blockchain design, development and integration on behalf of Canyudo. Gerard has released a number of blockchain pilots, including the world’s first blockchain-based energy exchange platform ( A true full-stack guy, his expertise in technical design encompasses both back-end services and applications.
Marco Silva
As Chief Technology Officer Marco will play an integral role in the development and delivery of our product proposition. Marco currently coordinates the work of development partners and colleagues in five countries and advises Steve with respect to technical role hiring, as well as coding back end and API and overseeing quality assurance for the coding team. He has been involved with Canyudo since the beginning, helping to develop the prototype application.
Tobi Doeringer
Charity Division Director
Tobi is an investor and serial entrepreneur with numerous successful projects ranging from celebrity brand management, marketing and manufacturing, to yachting, events, real estate and resort development. As a recognisable and respected figure in Hong Kong business circles, Tobi is an active Rotary Club member with a keen interest in fundraising and charity work. He will develop and lead Canyudo’s charity outreach program.
Jon Wray
With over twenty years experience in various roles within the IT sector, Jon will oversee technology processes for Canyudo. In addition to this role, Jon’s brief includes managing charity and volunteer outreach, supporting Tobi and Steve. Jon brings a huge amount of practical knowledge to our team, and will help Canyudo to run a smooth operation following the product launch in 2019.
Una Kasumovic
Operations Manager
Una has worked at Omerta for six years managing our customer experience team, and will now employ the skills she has gained over that time at Canyudo. She has an MBA specializing in online games and speaks several European languages. She will oversee the day to day running of our Operations Team when she returns from maternity leave in early 2019.
Mila Vera
Creative Lead
Mila began working for Steve as a personal assistant in 2012, later learning social media and marketing skills along with graphic design. She is now Canyudo’s Creative Lead and brings an elegant touch to our marketing and promotional material. She will help our team to deliver a good looking and ergonomically designed product.
Maarten Solinger
VP Community
Maarten collaborated with Steve for over ten years in web-community administration. He brings a tested customer experience methodology, developed at Omerta, and also helps guide Canyudo’s social media strategy. Maarten’s background is broad, ranging from ICT and Telecommunications to the social arts. He studied International Finance, Marketing, and Law.
Krichelle Francisco
Customer Relations
Krichelle joined Canyudo in 2017 and manages English and Tagalog language social media. She’s a graduate of The University of Manila and will provide customer support prior to and following our launch in 2019. She will also assist Maarten with the implementation and delivery of Canyudo’s social media strategy.
James Bradshaw
Project Adviser
James is a successful entrepreneur and founding investor in Canyudo. In 2016 he joined the team as an advisor. Jim’s first enterprise grew to become the retail chain WineRack. He has established two well-known concept bars in Hong Kong, one of which he has now sold. He brings business acumen and a wealth of experience to our team.
Lalit Bansal
Project Advisor
As a leading entrepreneur with more than 14 years of experience, Lalit now helps start-ups achieve their full potential and established companies to expand. He attends and speaks regularly at various blockchain and crypto conferences in Russia, Miami, New York, Singapore, and Dubai. Lalit ranks in the top 30 of Blockchain Influencers listed by ICO bench and has extensive knowledge of ICO marketing. He will act as an Ambassador for Canyudo during our ICO.
Bharat Singh (Gandass)
Project Advisor
Bharat is an expert technology advisor for start-ups predominantly in Blockchain and Security areas. He has demonstrated strong skills in digital marketing, Fintech, and Blockchain industry as an entrepreneur, investor, advisor, and influencer. Bharat is one of the leading ICO Bench advisors, a contributing member of the Global Blockchain community, and an Advisory Board Member of many Blockchain projects around the world. He will act as an Ambassador for Canyudo during our ICO.
Anthony Abunassar
Project Advisor
Having held senior roles at JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, PwC, and Rothschilds & Co, Anthony brings a wealth of experience to the company in terms of helping us to develop close ties with key investors. Anthony is also an Advisory Board Member with the Malta Blockchain Association, and is widely considered to be an expert in picking out early stage blockchain projects with the greatest potential. Anthony will act as an Ambassador for Canyudo. in the Media